Our Mission:

To provide growers with the highest quality growing media, media containers, and other supporting products or services which enhance the successful propagation or cultivation, marketing and sales of plants.

We will achieve this through continuous innovation and consistent compliance to high standards of quality and environmental awareness.
Dec 12 2016

Opening Jiffy 1Plant

We are looking back at a fantastic official opening of the new Jiffy factory 1Plant. We thank you very much for your presence.


Dec 02 2016

Italian company develops special protocol for production of grafted plants

With technological facilities in four different countries in Europe and North America and 5 nursery gardens covering over 15 hectares - Centro Seia is one of the leading global producers of plants for protected crops.


Oct 28 2016

First order produced at Jiffy 1Plant Zwijndrecht

SO-254244, is the order number of the very first production and delivery from the new substrate facility 1Plant.


Oct 17 2016

Atlantic Forest Nursery Association has 45th Annual General Meeting

The Atlantic Forest Nursery Association has their 45th Annual General Meeting on September 28 & 29th, 2016 and Jiffy Products (NB) Ltd. was the designated Host this year.


Sep 26 2016

Jiffy at Discovery Channel, NewsWatch television


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