Our Mission:

To provide growers with the highest quality growing media, media containers, and other supporting products or services which enhance the successful propagation or cultivation of plants.

We will achieve this through continuous innovation and consistent compliance to high standards of quality and environmental awareness.
Nov 27 2015

Official Jiffy movie start on construction new substrate facility


Nov 23 2015

Construction started on Jiffy's New substrate facility

By placing the first foundation pillar Dagfinn Andersen, CEO and President of Jiffy International, officially started the construction on the new Substrate facility of Jiffy Products International BV, in Zwijndrecht.on Monday November 23rd 2015. Robert Kreukniet, alderman economy of the municipality of Zwijndrecht, is very much enthused of Jiffy Products building its new substrate facility in Zwijndrecht. ‘the news of Jiffy coming to Zwijndrecht offers opportunities to our local economy. It shows the importance of the location of our industrial area which is well connected through highways and waterways.


Nov 09 2015

The Jiffy Orchid plug ready for the Future!

The propagation of orchids is undergoing a revolution; businesses are changing rapidly from the traditional loose-filled open tray to a plant plug. There are a number of reasons for this: Quicker cultivation, better uniformity, less shrink, better initial growth in the plug and after the plug has been planted, and the possibility of automation of the system. Jiffy has been working hard to develop a Preforma plant plug suitable for the cultivation of Phalaenopsis plants. The Orchid plugs are produced at the Jiffy’s Preforma production site in Hook of Holland, the Netherlands, having 20 years of experience in plant plug production for all sorts of applications. As a result of this experience, an Orchid plug has been created ideal for the cultivation of orchids, including Phalaenopsis.


Nov 05 2015

Jiffy to build large new substrate manufacturing facility in Zwijndrecht (ZH) the Netherlands.

The new plant will be located at the Oude Maasweg in Zwijndrecht , encompassing 25,000 m2 production area and 550 m2 office space as well as include a harbour facility.


Oct 01 2015

Jiffy Products Sri Lanka has been awarded the ‘Gold Award’ for 2014 Exports

Jiffy is proud to announce its Sri Lanka division, Jiffy Products Sri Lanka has been awarded the ‘Gold Award’ for 2014 Exports. This was the third year Jiffy has been nominated as the winner of this award, in the category Agricultural Value Added, Category Large.


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