Our Mission:

To provide growers with the highest quality growing media, media containers, and other supporting products or services which enhance the successful propagation or cultivation, marketing and sales of plants.

We will achieve this through continuous innovation and consistent compliance to high standards of quality and environmental awareness.
Aug 22 2016

Visit Jiffy during Plantarium, August 24 - 27, Boskoop, Netherlands

Plantarium is the leading international tree nursery trade fair. Participants from 15 different countries and trade visitors from 48 countries underline the international nature of the fair and make Plantarium the leading wholesale market for tree nursery products in Europe.


Jul 20 2016

Jiffy obtains OMRI listing for O'Growblock, O'Growbag, O'7C, Mother's Mix and Jiffy-Mix #13

Jiffy is proud to announce that we have achieved OMRI listing for the following products: O'Growbag, O'Growblock, O'7C, Mother's Mix and Jiffy-Mix #13


Jul 15 2016

FORMiT named new product of the year at Cultivate '16

FORMiT was named new product of the year at Cultivate '16 in Columbus, OH. The award is the culmination of rigorous work done by many different departments within the group, and signifies the great 'TEAM' atmosphere within Jiffy. Jiffy's R&D department working seamlessly with the Marketing and Sales departments coming up with the long awaited ‘in-nursery’ plug making concept that growers worldwide were looking for as growing medium.


Jul 06 2016

The Now & The New (Cultivate '16)

July 9-12 Cultivate '16 takes place in Columbus, Ohio and it is our pleasure to invite you to visit our stand 1121. Cultivate'16 - the largest all-industry trade show in North America - has over 600 exhibitors, 130+ educational seesions, 10,000 professional representing all segments of the inudustry, 1 Greenhouse Learning Tour, 1 Nursery Learning Tour and plenty of new products to help keep your interest.


Jul 04 2016

Completion of the new state of the art substrates factory building, 1Plant, in Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands

July 4th the celebration took place of the completion of the new state of the art substrates factory building, 1Plant, in Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands. Construction started in November 2015, and since then, the builder Heembouw has worked hard to complete the project in time.


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